Foreigner's Health Insurance

General information

Are you planning a long-term stay in Slovakia? Will you work or study during your long-term stay in Slovakia? To allow you to choose health insurance that best suits your needs, we have prepared two types of insurance coverage for you.

Foreigner's Health Insurance for Necessary and Urgent Care

Is determined for foreigners, who intend to stay in Slovakia within 90 days and apply for short-stay visa, or intend to stay in Slovakia longer than 90 days and apply for long-stay visa or long-term residence permit. This insurance is sufficient provided that a visa is filed at representative office of Slovakia (embassy, consulate).

Comprehensive Health Insurance for Foreigners

Is determined for foreigner, who intend to stay in Slovakia longer than 90 days (long-stay visa, long-term residence permit) in case the application is filed for the first time or the application is filed to prolong current visa or permit. This insurance is necessary, if an application for visa or prolongation of visa or permit is filed in the state territory of the Czech Republic